About Me

Hello everyone! I’m Iris Vinetti and I am going to be talking about eyes, in particular contact lenses and corrective eye treatments. For many years, I wore glasses, but I just didn’t like them. For me, they just didn’t work. Plus, I have really bad eyesight, and I consistently wondered if there was something that could be done to correct it.

I was so glad when contact lenses came out. I really liked those that came in different colors and a person could change their eye color in a flash. When the color contacts first came out, I couldn’t think of anything as cool as these things. And I wanted to get myself a couple of pairs, but I had never had contact lenses, so I was really uneasy about them. The thing that threw me off was the whole “sitting the contact lens on my eyeball. The thought of having to stick my finger in my eye didn’t sit well with me. But I was always one to try something new, so I tried them, and I was hooked from then on.

But then I heard about Lasik eye surgery where you didn’t have to wear contacts or glasses. Moreover, it all could be done in one day with very little recovery time. So, I had to try this too, and I’m happy to say, it worked. I want to share my experience and knowledge with those that are considering contacts and Lasik. Thanks for checking out my “eye” blog!

If you would like to contact me personally and know more regarding contact lenses you can message me through my contact page.