10 Best Safety Glasses With Reviews – 2017

Many of us take the health of our eyes for granted. After all, for the majority of us, it’s been a sense we’ve always had. When you’re dealing with automotive or electrical projects, your sight can be lost in the blink of an eye (pun intended), unless you do your part to protect it. For those of us at the Milwaukee towing company, safety glasses are part of our everyday attire. We use clear lense safety goggles with scratch impact and ballistic resistance. They come in a 12-pack so this makes it the ideal solution for our employees.


If you aren’t sure what safety glasses are best, we’ve tried them out and reviewed them right here at Milwaukee towing company so you don’t have to!


1. Uvex – We love Uvex’s Stealth OTG Safety Goggles with Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch coating. Not only are they affordable (under $15.00 with most retailers) but they are comfortable too. If you have prescription glasses, these Uvex goggles are ideal for fitting comfortably over them. Their anti-fog coating makes them a great fit for both indoor and outdoor work, no matter the conditions.


2. Jackson – At Milwaukee towing, we love having tinted safety glasses for sunny days. The Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Polarized Safety Glasses are ideal for those days you need to protect your eyes from not only your work, but from sun exposure too. They are lightweight, sporty and look like a stylish pair of sunglasses.

3. Dewalt – For heavy duty projects, we love Dewalt DPG82-11 Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggles. Equipped with a strong elastic headband and Tough Coat hard coated lenses, these comfortable goggles are both durable and comfortable. While the lenses are clear, they do provide 99.9% UVA/UVB protection.

4. Safety Works – If you are looking for light, flexible frames then Safety Works 100392065 glasses are perfect. You’ll get all the protection you need without the bulkiness of a full goggle.

5. 3M Virtua – 3M has been one of our favorite companies at Milwaukee Towing Company for quite some time now. These stylish protective glasses will offer you full protection while allowing you to see your project without obstruction.

6. Safe Eyes – If mesh lenses are what you are looking for, Safe Eyes is the perfect fit. You’ll get plenty of airflow that will allow you to comfortably work indoors or outdoors.

7. Pyramex -Pyramex glasses are great for indoor use. Possible fogging may occur if used outdoors.

8. G & F – For those who prefer ultimate style with their safety glasses, you can choose from a variety of frame colors.

9. Delta Track – Mirrored safety classes not only look cool, but they do a great job. Try the Delta Track HC906-1 frames for a comfortable pair of anti-glare, anti-scratch glasses.

10. Safety Girl – Safety girl glasses make a big hit with our female staff at Milwaukee Towing Company. Not only are they tough with scratch-resistance and UV protection but they are stylish too!

How LASIK Surgery helped my towing company in Milwaukee Wisconsin

I run a company in Wisconsin called “Towing in Milwaukee Wisconsin”. My job entails recovery of vehicles either from accident sites to a mechanical shop or towing agricultural vehicles for animal delivery. I offer 24-hour service so I get called anytime – day or night.

What is Lasik Eye Surgery?

LASIK is the acronym for “laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis” is an eye surgery performed to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. The painless procedure is done by reshaping the cornea enabling light to enter the eye. The light will then properly focus onto the retina for better vision.

The procedure takes just 15 minutes to complete (both eyes) and the only local anaesthetic is used in the form of eye drops.

How LASIK Eye Surgery Helped Me?

I was wearing thick pairs of glasses and contact lenses were not my thing. They were too hard to put on and in a case of an emergency call out it was too cumbersome to fiddle with. The glasses would fog up or fall off my face if I was to bend over in my job – it was just a hassle; hence I turned to LASIK Eye Surgery and it really did help me and helped me perform my job better. These were the benefits I found.

I don’t have to wear my contact lenses or my glasses ever again

This has been the best achievement ever. No longer do I have to wear my glasses that fog up or pinch my eyes with contact lenses. When I get a call out, I can leave immediately and my vision is a perfect 20/20. In just a matter of 24 hours of the operation I didn’t need glasses or contact lenses.

It was a fast and painless procedure

The procedure took just 15 minutes and it was painless but a little uncomfortable. But it was nothing that I could not bear.

I could have returned to normal activities immediately

There were no bandages whatsoever and vision is corrected almost immediately so I could have gone back to work immediately. But it was safer if I didn’t because of the nature of my work. Your eyes will naturally heal within 3 to 6 months.

This is a long-term solution

This is a long-term solution which means I will never have to grapple for the glasses or poke my eyes with those contact lenses again. It just thrills me to think that I no longer need them and I feel better in myself and my self-esteem has gone up.



There were no stitches or bandages

Because the surgery involves making a flap in the cornea to perform the surgery, no bandages or stitches are needed after the surgery. The flap is just placed back and let to heal naturally. Once again this allowed me to return to work straightaway but I chose to rest

The surgery helped me meet my legal requirements

To run a towing business such as Towing in Milwaukee or driving any vehicle for that matter requires you to have almost perfect eyesight with or without eyewear. Eyewear was inconvenient for me in my job and cumbersome for emergencies so I am now towing without any inherent fears of legal consequences.


LASIK eye correction was the best thing that I’ve ever done for myself. It has helped me in my work, it has boosted my self-confidence and self-esteem and I feel so much lighter now without that heavy pair of glasses weighing down my face. And best of all I didn’t feel a thing during the surgery and could have gone back to work straight away. What a great procedure.


070501-N-5319A-007 BETHESDA, Md. (May 1, 2007) - Capt. Joseph Pasternak, an ophthalmology surgeon at National Naval Medical Center Bethesda, lines up the laser on Marine Corps Lt. Col. Lawrence RyderÕs eye before beginning LASIK IntraLase surgery. The actual procedure can take only seconds, while most of the patientÕs time is spent preparing for the procedure. The new IntraLase procedure only takes days for service memberÕs to recover, versus months like the old PRK procedure. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Brien Aho (RELEASED)

Since Lasik surgery has been approved for a number of years, there are numerous preferred alternatives for the treatment. Among these is IntraLasik, or Intralase, or bladeless Lasik. As the name implies, there is no cutting of the eye with a blade, rather the flap in the eye is used a laser. Given that bladeless Lasik is a more recent treatment, there are a number of opinions regarding exactly how well this treatment works. Let’s check out several of these and figure out which of these hold true or not.
First, more Lasik customers obtain 20/20 vision or much better sight with IntraLasik. Any kind of Lasik procedure cannot assure perfect vision for every single customer, though more than 80% of those who get some sort of lasik end up with 20/40 vision. However, it holds true that the new strategies of IntraLasik do get even much better statistics for offering clients clear vision.
Some are concerned that the laser that makes the corneal flap is standard, and cannot be tailored to every private eye like could be done by the Lasik doctor when making use of a blade. This is not true. The Lasik medical professional has control over the use of the laser for each and every person that he could regulate the microkeratome blade.
IntraLasik could be used for both a common and a customized Lasik treatment. This holds true. Custom Lasik procedures utilizing wavefront technology could conveniently be used with a laser making the initial flap. This personalized Lasik procedure, though even more costly, is of great benefit for individuals with uncommon eye issues.
Some have actually listened to that rhetoric that the laser is less precise than the common Lasik procedure. This is not true, given that lasers could be managed to micron degree accuracy. This offers the Lasik medical professional extreme control to produce specifically the flap required for this specific private eye: the exact size, form, and deepness for successful completion of the Lasik treatment.

The Benefits of Contact Lenses

Are you tired of wearing those rose-tinted glasses on your nose at all times? Then you ought to begin wearing the contact lens to see the world in a different way. Contact lenses are slim, rounded plastic disks that are designed to cover the cornea, the clear front covering of the eyes. These delicate things hold on to the film over the cornea as a result of the surface area tensions. So try out contact lenses as a wonderful alternative to those tedious glasses.birth_control_glasses

Who wears contact lenses?

Contact lenses are things that should be appropriately fitted by an eye care expert. So you ought to see a doctor before you wish to wear a contact lenses. If not, and you chose to get contact lenses from an individual who isn’t qualified to recommend contacts, you might end up needing a personal injury lawyer.

Contact lenses are remarkable items that are utilized to remedy eye conditions like:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Altered vision
  • Farsightedness
  • Need for bifocals

Contact lenses are likewise utilized in healing situations where an irregular cornea obscures vision, such as scarring or keratoconus.

Sorts of contact lenses

Many kinds of contact lenses are readily available to fit certain events. Whether you wish to wear contact lenses for trendy functions or for clinical functions, you could put on any of the list below kinds:

Permeable lenses—contact lenses constructed from silicone and fluoropolymers that permit oxygen to go through the lens.

Soft contact lenses— plastic products that incorporate water. The water makes the lenses soft and flexible, which permits the oxygen to get to the cornea.

Prolonged wear contact lenses— last for 2-4 weeks.

Daily non-reusable lenses— carry a really low quantity of infection risk

Toric contact lenses— available in soft and hard; they fix moderate astigmatism.

PMMA lenses— among the old lenses that are very durable and allow oxygen from air to directly reach the cornea.

You must get rid of contact lenses at going to bed due to risk of infection.

Benefits of contact lenses

For those that lead an energetic style, contact lenses guarantee total ease and longevity.

The advantages of using contact lenses:

  • Offers near all-natural vision without adverse effects
  • Provides superb field of vision for driving and sports
  • Contact lenses give complete convenience, comfort, and benefit to eyes
  • Color contact lenses transform the eye shade to blues, incredible hazels, gorgeous greens, and various other shades.
  • Contact lenses make your eye power steady in order for it not to increase.
  • Contact lenses are ideal for those that want to stay clear of laser surgical treatment and its side effects

Ways to take care of your contact lenses

  • You must take proper treatment of your contact lenses to appreciate their uses.
  • Contact lenses have to be cleaned, washed and disinfected to eliminate dirt in order to dust.
  • Contact lenses ought to never ever be liquefied in homemade saline solutions.
  • Do not sanitize your contact lenses; just toss them away when they get old
  • Do not take your lenses in and also out repetitively during the day


Prescription Glasses vs. Contact Lenses: Which is Better

Lots of methods have been used to remedy vision. The monocle and spectacles on a stick came before prescription glasses that actually had restricted styles. As innovation grew, lenses for glasses were getting smaller.

A lot of individuals were trying to find spectacles to put on that they really did not have to stress over being damaged. Contact lenses were terrific but expensive when they came along. You would certainly need to get brand-new lenses if you shed them or dropped them.

A person I knew got lens and established an eye infection. The doctor examined and saw that the lens had slipped.  Inflexible contact lenses took some getting use of to. Individuals wanted softer lenses that were versatile, in order to easily be placed in.

Individuals wanted lenses they can wear constantly due to the fact that the softer lenses needed to be removed and cleaned every evening. As more individuals had the ability to manage contacts due to the lower prices, they got sick and tired of cleansing them.

It would certainly be fantastic if contact lenses could be taken care of during the night and people might do away with the cleaning solutions. Disposable lenses appeared in 1987 and were made to be used for a particular amount of time prior to you needed to take care of them.

There are terms and descriptions that will certainly assist you recognize non reusable contact lenses. Contact lenses that can be put on for as much as two weeks, thrown out and changed are contact disposable lenses. Regular replacement lenses are changed anytime from one to three months.

Every 6 months traditional/reusable lenses are replaced. You could put on extended life lenses for approximately two weeks, even wearing them while you rest. The requirement for cleaning options is eliminated with day-to-day disposables since they are gotten rid of every evening.

Together with your medical professional the ideal substitute routine for you will certainly be decided on. How you use your contacts will certainly assist in determining exactly how your lenses will certainly have to be removed, replaced, and/or discarded. With night and day contact lenses, you put on these lenses night and day for as much as thirty days. After that, you remove them. The most effective concept in my viewpoint is using night and day contact lenses if you can endure them. Think of just what you could do with the added time you will have because you will not be cleaning your lenses every evening.


1280px-contact_lens_ayalaHow to Make Contact Lenses Affordable

Contact lenses are available in a wide range of designs. Although one needs to acquire a prescription in order to purchase their contacts, there are alternatives readily available when it involves buying contact lenses. This makes it less complicated for the individual to discover the most effective deal feasible when looking for contact lenses. There are numerous places where a contact lens wearer can look in order to find their certain contact lenses at an exceptionally affordable price.

Find Great Deals Online

One way to find a fantastic bargain on contact lenses is by looking businesses which offer contact lenses online. As a whole, all one needs to do is to select their specific sort of contact lenses, enter their prescription details to make sure that it can be validated by the company before delivering the lenses in order to pay for the contact lenses. The rates which one will certainly stumble upon online are quite cost-effective when compared to the prices at some retailers. There are a couple of various well-known contact lens distributors, such as 1-800 Contacts, which provide a huge selection of contact lenses. If one has accessibility to the internet, thinking about acquiring contact lenses online is an exceptionally helpful point to do.

Discounts from the Eye Doctor

One more wonderful way to discover a superb offer on contact lenses is to inquire about possible discounts at one’s optometrist’s office. Often, the eye doctor will receive special discounts from numerous contact lens producers that are attempting to get the word out on their contact lens selections. This will often yield low costs for the patients. Contacting the eye physician for any type of possible contact lens rebates is one more terrific way to get a bargain.

Retailer Specials

Finally, one could be able to find a large amount in a retail store, which sells glasses and contact lenses. Frequently shops such as these will certainly have seasonal sales where one or more kinds of contact lenses get on sale to the general public. All one needs is a prescription and they are well on their way to getting a brand-new pair of contact lenses at an excellent rate.




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Decided to Get Contacts? Read This First!

lens-coverNowadays, it is estimated that more than 90 million individuals around the world wear contact lenses. These items are very popular and technology boosts them every day making them much more preferable.
Why wear contact lenses?

There are people that use contact lenses, rather than glasses, for esthetical factors. They like themselves better with contact lenses compared to with glasses. Another reason individual wear contact lenses are a cosmetic one. There is a fantastic selection of contact lenses that could alter the eye’s appearance. And there are those who value their functional side.
They cannot play specific sporting activities with glasses. They utilize tools that are incompatible with glasses, etc. There is that classification of individuals that are required to use contact lenses for restorative factors. In their instance, the contact lens is not an alternative. The contact lens could be a bandage in the recovery process of different conditions or injuries of the cornea and it is a luxury that heal recovery. There is a mix between both reasons, which is color lenses with correction power which please a lot of persons.
The very first contact lenses ever made were developed from glass. Then, brand-new types appeared, as the ones made from plexiglass to the rigid gas absorptive ones. However, nowadays, the soft contact lens is one of the most valued. Modern products include silicon hydrogel or other plastic polymers. Inflexible contact lenses are recommended to the individuals with dry eyes as these lenses contain no water that could vaporize throughout the using.

How long should you wear contact lenses?

An everyday contact lens is much safer as the threat of infection is low. This type does not call for cleaning, being single use. It is sterilized. It even keeps you from investing money on cleansing or storage space options. On the other hand, the extensive wear kind of contact lenses permits individuals to easily use contacts for a longer duration while permitting oxygenation. Some people choose them for their benefits, but the chance of infection is greater due to the chance for bacteria, dust accumulating, or some other negative effect.

Where should you buy contact lenses?

Contact lens high quality is extremely important. Low-quality contact lenses could damage the eye, creating irritabilities or hurting the eyelid or the cornea. Interest should be paid to the way the lenses are worn and cleansed because if they are high-quality, they provide different threats. So, the call lenses need to be bought from specialist shops after speaking with a medical professional. Places where these products are offered can be found anywhere as the contact lenses are popular. An additional place is to get them from an online shop. This approach can also be more economical and still provide the exact same quality. You simply need to find the prescription. However, beware to choose respectable shops. Your wellness is at risk.