Lasik Eye Surgery Alternatives: What Else Is Out There?

Lasik Eye Surgery Alternatives

Our vision is going downhill. 

All around the world, the prevalence of shortsightedness is increasing, due in large part to how much time we spend looking at digital screens.  

By 2020, it’s estimated that 2.5 billion people will have trouble seeing nearby objects clearly.  

LASIK surgery has grown increasingly popular over the last decade. Every year, the technology improves and costs come down.  

However, there are alternatives out there, some less invasive than others. If you are considering vision correction surgery, it’s important to know all of your options. 

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10 Best Safety Glasses With Reviews – 2017

Many of us take the health of our eyes for granted. After all, for the majority of us, it’s been a sense we’ve always had. When you’re dealing with automotive or electrical projects, your sight can be lost in the blink of an eye (pun intended), unless you do your part to protect it. For those of us at the Milwaukee towing company, safety glasses are part of our everyday attire. We use clear lense safety goggles with scratch impact and ballistic resistance. They come in a 12-pack so this makes it the ideal solution for our employees.

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070501-N-5319A-007 BETHESDA, Md. (May 1, 2007) - Capt. Joseph Pasternak, an ophthalmology surgeon at National Naval Medical Center Bethesda, lines up the laser on Marine Corps Lt. Col. Lawrence RyderÕs eye before beginning LASIK IntraLase surgery. The actual procedure can take only seconds, while most of the patientÕs time is spent preparing for the procedure. The new IntraLase procedure only takes days for service memberÕs to recover, versus months like the old PRK procedure. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Brien Aho (RELEASED)

Since Lasik surgery has been approved for a number of years, there are numerous preferred alternatives for the treatment. Among these is IntraLasik, or Intralase, or bladeless Lasik. As the name implies, there is no cutting of the eye with a blade, rather the flap in the eye is used a laser. Given that bladeless Lasik is a more recent treatment, there are a number of opinions regarding exactly how well this treatment works. Let’s check out several of these and figure out which of these hold true or not.
First, more Lasik customers obtain 20/20 vision or much better sight with IntraLasik. Any kind of Lasik procedure cannot assure perfect vision for every single customer, though more than 80% of those who get some sort of lasik end up with 20/40 vision. However, it holds true that the new strategies of IntraLasik do get even much better statistics for offering clients clear vision.

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